afringa's mission

afringa is an online business networking platform for the many entrepreneurs, and individual professionals of small and medium sized enterprises and multinational corporations across the African continent. Our target is to ensure we do not see Africa as only one country, but many, very different countries with different cultures, languages and religions. Afringa targets to promote conversations and collaboration between professional individuals from very diverse cultural backgrounds, languages and religions. All, with the aim to eventually represent a small stepping stone towards sustainable progress for the entire continent.

afringa user agreement

Last updated: 5th October 2016

1. User Agreement

We are more than thrilled to have you onboard afringa. For any new user that intends to sign up on afringa, it is obligatory to accept this user agreement and our privacy policy and prior using any of afringa’s services. Please take your time to understand the following user agreement and send us any question that you may want to further clarify on. We are here and more than happy to help you.

When you sign up on afringa and start to use our services, you accept and agree to afringa’s user agreement, privacy statement, and cookie policy. After you have clicked on the ‘Sign up’, or ‘Sign up now’ button, you enter into a legally binding agreement. Please ensure you have carefully reviewed and understood the privacy policy. The privacy policy explains how we handle your personal data/ information. For access to our privacy policy, please click here.

After carefully reading our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, please decide whether you agree to the content or not. In case you disagree with any part of the content, please do not click the ‘Sign up’/ ‘Sign up now’ button and do not use afringa’s services.

Once you have signed up for an afringa user account with your personal information, you are an afringa member. If you are just visiting afringa or taking a look at public profiles, you are considered a visitor.

2. Agreements

2.1.   afringa support messages

In the moment you sign up on afringa, you agree that we will send you important messages (e.g. about added functionality, potential security updates, warnings, updates, etc.) through the internal afringa message function and/or your email address. Please ensure, your email address and additional information is always up to date in the afringa user settings. Otherwise, you may not receive afringa communication.

2.2.   Member commitment

We are trying hard to ensure security and privacy of your user account and all other afringa member’s user accounts. To make afringa safe, you agree to never disclose your personal user account password at any given point in time. You also agree, to always abide by the law and abide by the content of this User Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

To ensure utmost security of your account, you will select a password with letters, numbers and symbols and with at least 6 characters to access afringa.

At any point in time, you will follow the laws and be responsible for the actions of your account. Should you have a valid reason to believe that your user account has been used in an inappropriate way, please do report such cases immediately to us (contact us). If you do not want to be a member of afringa anymore, please get in contact with us and we will help you to remove your user account. (contact us).

2.3.   Sharing of your data and communication with afringa users

Whenever you decide to share your information on afringa and/ or send messages to other afringa users, they are able to display and see your information and may copy or utilize your information.

By providing the ability of sharing information (e.g. user profile, updates, messages, etc.), afringa allows you to express your thoughts and ideas and establish new meaningful connections that are supposed to connect African people across borders. This information may be accessible to other afringa users and/ or public visitors, depending on the way you have shared/ interacted on afringa.

You can change the settings for your user profile to be discoverable by public visitors on e.g. internet search engines.

You accept that at no point in time, afringa is obliged to display/ publish any form of content and/or information. Content and/or information that afringa deems inappropriate, may be removed without any further announcement.

2.4.   Minimum age

Please do not click the ‘Sign up’ / ‘sign up now’ button on afringa, if you are less than 18 years old.

In order to sign up on afringa, we require users to be at least 18 years old or older, at the time of the initial sign up process.

In addition to the minimum age requirement, afringa does only accept one user account for the same legal person. Please do not sign up two or more user accounts for yourself or somebody else. Please use your real name for your afringa user account in order to allow other afringa users to identify and find you.

If afringa has previously suspended your user account for specific reasons, please do not sign up again. If you require help or have any questions, please get in touch with us. (contact us).

3. Your user rights on afringa

Whatever personal information you decide to submit on afringa is considered your ownership. However, whatever you submit to afringa has to be truthful (e.g. personal user profile information, status updates, etc.). Any information you submit, has to be free of copyright issues and you have to ensure you have appropriate rights to share those information.

Once you sign up on afringa, you accept that afringa may access, save and utilize information you have submitted to afringa. We will utilize your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy and your individual user privacy settings.

You will ensure that any content you submit to afringa does not violate others personal rights and/ or any laws (e.g. intellectual property, etc.) and does not harm and/or disrespect other afringa users.

Depending on your individual country’s laws, we may be asked to remove information.

4. Availability of afringa services

The afringa team may decide to change or cease its entire operations and/ or services.

We will make the best effort in trying to inform you in advance in case of any changes/ disruptions of afringa’s operations and/or services, but cannot guarantee for this.

afringa’s core objective is to connect people across African borders. afringa’s objective is not to be an internet data storing platform. We may not be able to store any of your afringa information and/or content that you have e.g. shared or communicated with other users. You accept that afringa is neither obliged to save any of your information, nor supply you with a copy (copies) of the information you have shared, unless required by law and/or our privacy policy.

5. Termination of services

Should the afringa team, at any point in time, have any reason to believe that you are using afringa’s services in a way that is not in accordance with law and/ or this user agreement and/or the Privacy Statement, we may remove your user account with any further notice and discontinue to provide you with afringa’s services.

6. Content from other websites or services

Should you decide to use content from other afringa users or e.g. from external websites (outside of afringa) that was re-posted on afringa, you agree to use the content at your own risk.

Content that was (re-)posted on afringa will not be reviewed. As a result, information and/or content, displayed while you use afringa, may unfortunately be offensive, inaccurate, harmful, incomplete, unlawful or contain errors.

With this User Agreement you accept that afringa is not responsible for any information and/or content that was posted on afringa by afringa users and/or any third party. You also accept that afringa is not responsible for any damages that may arise when you use, or rely on information and/or content on afringa.

You accept that it is your sole responsibility to decide whether or not to access and/or use third party applications, accessible from afringa.

You are aware that once you give permission to a third party application to authenticate and/or connect you with afringa that this third party may be able to access information about you on afringa.

Please be aware that every third party provider operates under separate user agreements and privacy policies that may deviate substantially from how afringa deals with your data.

You accept to use third party providers at your own risk at any time and that afringa is not responsible for any actions of third party providers, unless stipulated by law.

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7. afringa disclaimer

You accept the following disclaimers:

  1. - afringa does not guarantee that the provided services are free of disruptions at any given point in time.
  2. - afringa does not provide any warranties or guarantees for the provision of services and content and/ or information precision.
  3. - afringa disclaims all warranties and conditions, whether express or implied of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and/or non-infringement.
  4. - afringa cannot promise that the services, features, website or any content and/or information will at any point in time be free of errors and/ or uninterrupted.
  5. - afringa services will be provided to you on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis. All information on afringa is subject to change without notice.

Depending on your country’s laws, some of the above mentioned disclaimers, may be not applicable to your country.

8. afringa limited liability

You accept that afringa’s legal liability is limited

  1. - afringa is not liable to you or other parties for any loss of potential opportunities, data loss, loss of reputation, loss of revenue and/or profits, in relation with afringa’s services.
  2. - afringa and its business partners shall not be liable to you or other parties for any damages that may arise from using afringa’s services

Under no circumstances shall afringa’s, and its business partner’s, liability for the total amount of potential claims, exceed an amount of USD 800.

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9. Termination

As an afringa member you can request to delete your user account at any point in time.

afringa has the same right to delete your user account at any point in time, if we think that you have violated this User Agreement and/or the Privacy Policy. In such a case, you must not sign up for an afringa user account again.

You accept that even after your user account has been deleted, the information you have shared on afringa may be used by other users.

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10. afringa behavioral guidelines

As an honorable user of afringa you agree to refrain from engaging in the following activities:

  1. - Discriminating others
  2. - Acting unlawful
  3. - Insulting, harming and/ or harassing other users
  4. Dishonest behavior:
    1. - Lying to other users
    2. - Lying about information, displayed on your personal user profile (e.g. professional experience and/or education, etc.)
    3. - Signing up a user account on afringa for other people or sign up a fake identity user profile
    4. - Using either manual or automated technical means to access afringa services and/or information (e.g. spider, crawl, scrape, etc.)
    5. - Using a profile picture that does not display you
    6. - Logging in or trying to log in with another users account details
    7. - Using any technical means to circumvent / override afringa’s integrated security/ protection mechanisms
    8. - Sending unwanted advertisements to afringa members
  5. Behaving in an unprofessional manner in e.g. the following ways:
    1. - Distributing any unauthorized and/ or undesirable information (e.g. advertising, spam schemes, etc.)
    2. - Sharing inappropriate content/ information (racism, pornographic, violence, etc.)
    3. - Sharing inaccurate content/ information
    4. - Sharing personal information of other users / people without their permission (e.g. email addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
    5. - Disclosing sensitive content/ information/ secrets without the owner’s permission
    6. - Sharing / using content for which you do not have permission/ license/ rights e.g. pictures, patents, copyright, trademarks, intellectual property of your employer, etc.
    7. - Sharing insider information that is not supposed to be disclosed to the public
    8. - Copying information from other user’s profiles with or without technical aid (e.g. plugins for your browsers, web crawler, etc.)
    9. - Trying to harm afringa and its users by sending malicious software, viruses, etc.
    10. - Sending fake messages to e.g. users under afringa’s name / logo, etc.

When you sign up and use afringa, you agree to refrain from using our services for the following:

  1. - Prostitution and/ or other sorts of erotic services
  2. - Any form of fraudulent activities
  3. - Re-sell afringa services and/or information
  4. - Collection of afringa information and using the collected information outside of afringa
  5. - Sharing information of other afringa users with obtaining their previous consent

As an honorable user of afringa you agree to the following:

  1. - Abide by all applicable laws in your country (e.g.: privacy laws, tax laws, anti-bribery laws, regulatory requirements, export control laws, intellectual property, etc.)
  2. - Respect the privacy of other afringa users
  3. - Help to grow the afringa community by inviting your friends/ and or colleagues you deem appropriate to be an honorable member of afringa
  4. - Ensure you use your real first and last name and a picture of yourself on afringa and that all your (personal) information on afringa is accurate and current
  5. - afringa has a zero tolerance level for racism and members that do not respect this may be removed from afringa without further notice.

11. Contact afringa

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of below listed, or any other questions:

  1. - You have any further questions on anything about afringa
  2. - You want to report a user or inappropriate content on afringa
  3. - You feel that your or other’s intellectual property rights (or any other rights) have been violated
  4. - You want to let us know, what we can do better (You could also use our feedback form)

Please click here to contact us.

afringa Privacy Policy

Last updated: 5th October 2016


afringa is passionate about bringing progress through new technology to our users in and outside of Africa.

We highly respect your personal information and therefore do everything to ensure, your data is safe at the moment and in the future. afringa only works, because you are trusting us to handle your information.

afringa wants to be transparent about why and which data we are collecting from you in order to provide you with the best web experience. Therefore, we have designed this privacy policy to be as clear and easy-to-understand as possible. Should you have any question on this policy or beyond, please do not hesitate to contact our team at any time.

1. Sharing of information

Every user (“User”) that signs up on afringa has the option to share information with other, signed up afringa users. Signed up users can for example create conversations with other users, publish knowledge and business insights, as well as view other user’s content and user profile’s information.

By default, a limited public preview of every user’s profile can be found by e.g. searching for the afringa user’s first and last name on internet search engines. Public internet users do not have to sign up on afringa to see the public profile of a signed up afringa user. Every signed up afringa user may decide to disable this feature in their personal user settings. Comprehensive user profile information can only be viewed after sign up as a new user or log in as an existing user.

The information of signed up users, is protected by technological industry-standards. If required by law, or with your prior consent we may share your information.

One of afringa’s main priorities, is making sure you have trust in how we handle your information. Therefore, we want to further clarify on how we handle your privacy:

  1. 1. afringa will only share your data with third parties in the following cases:
    1. a. If you have given afringa prior consent
    2. b. Based on your prior consent to perform your requests on afringa
    3. c. In order to provide you with features of afringa in a reasonable way
    4. d. If we believe it is required to protect the privacy of our users and ensure a high level of security on afringa
    5. e. If we deem it required by law
  2. 2. We have implemented latest technological protection measures, to our best knowledge and professional judgement, in order to protect your information.

To ensure that this policy remains accurate, we will make revisions to it notify you of updates, when it is required. Whenever, we will update this policy, we will inform you through the afringa website and/or email communication and ask you to review the changes. This is, in order for you to agree to the changes we made, before you continue to use afringa.

If you do not agree to any parts of the privacy policy or don’t accept changes that we have made, you can either contact us to clarify, or consider to close your account. (contact us.)

If you continue to use afringa after we have informed you of changes to the privacy policy, this implies that you accept the changes.

2. What types of information does afringa collect from its users?

2.1 Data Controllers

This privacy policy and its contents apply to all visitors and users that have signed up for an account on afringa. In order to provide you with the most advanced features that technology offers at the moment, we collect certain information from you. This includes personalized information where we try to offer you services on afringa, as for example recommending other user profiles that may be interesting for you, based on your current information on your user profile.

2.2 Sign up of new users

When you are a new user and decide to sign up on afringa, the website collects your first name, last name, email address and password. This is necessary from a technical perspective to provide you with access to afringa. After you have signed up, you may add additional information about e.g. your professional experience and/or education to your user profile. All information is entered by you on a voluntary basis.

For any new user that intends to sign up on afringa, it is obligatory to accept this privacy policy and user agreement prior using afringa. Once you have sign up on afringa, other existing users and the afringa team will be able to identify you through the first name and last name you have used during the sign up process. Public internet search engines may find your afringa name as well, unless you have disabled this feature in your personal privacy settings inside the user settings.

Should you require any help or have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our afringa support team. (Please click here to contact us.)

2.3 Personal afringa user profile information

Once you have finished the initial sign up process, your individual afringa user profile allows you to capture information, as for example your current and past professional experience and education history, the areas you are interested in, and the ability to access your contacts. All elements, captured in the user profile, are voluntary entries. You do not have to complete them if you don’t want.

If your user profile is incomplete though, it will limit your opportunities and the technical functionality that afringa can offer you, as for example to provide you with suggestions for new contacts, or the possibility for recruiting companies to identify you.

In general terms, the more information you decide to provide on your afringa user profile, the better the system can analyse and suggest suitable content/ connections/ etc. to you. In the future, recruiting departments of company’s may be able to find you more easily, too.

2.4 User support service

You may contact our afringa support team at any point in time, should you require support. We encourage afringa users to report any issue with the website. In order to avoid issues to reoccur, we will collect the information you have provided in your support request. Useful support information will be gathered in a reasonable way in a collective knowledge management database for the afringa support team. For example, this could include solutions to common technical issues and will help the afringa support team to respond more quickly to your requests in the future. (Please click here to contact us.)

2.5 Cookies

afringa utilizes cookies to provide an enhanced browsing experience and to better understand our user’s needs.

Please refer to our separate Cookie Policy for detailed information on the utilization of cookies on afringa. In general, Cookies and Beacons are used to improve security, provide a better browsing experience on afringa by e.g. recognizing our users and learn from our users how we can improve afringa’s services. You can always e.g. visit the settings of your browser and change the way your browser deals with cookies.

When you sign up with afringa and use afringa’s services, you accept that afringa uses cookies in your browser and emails that are sent out to you by the system e.g. when a user accepts your request to connect.

3. How does afringa use your personal information?

Once you sign up with afringa, you agree that the information on your user profile is visible for other users and can be used by afringa as described in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Any personal information that you publish on afringa may disclose details about your person as e.g. your first name and/or last name, and/ or a picture of you. With this information, other afringa users may be able to identify your gender.

When you enter personal information about yourself in the user profile or enter personal information in other areas of afringa at any point in time (e.g. when during the sign up process or when you make updates to your user profile), you expressly and voluntarily accept the afringa Privacy Policy and User Agreement. You also agree that afringa processes your personal information as described in this privacy policy.

Supplying to us any information deemed as “sensitive” by applicable law, is entirely voluntary on your part and we do not encourage you to do so.

You can change your privacy settings or remove your user account from afringa at any point in time. Should you require any help, or have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our afringa support team. (Please click here to contact us.)

4. Communication by signed up afringa users

Depending on which afringa functionality you use, you may disclose information about yourself to other users (e.g. your name, picture, etc.). For example when you send a request to add somebody else to your afringa network, you are providing that person with your afringa information such as e.g. first name, last name, etc. After confirming your contact request, the other afringa user can view your afringa network and personal information on your user profile.

We will try hard to protect you from any kind of spam etc.

5. Communication sent by afringa

afringa will communicate with you through our internal message system, emails (calls/ mobile messages if necessary and only if you have provided your phone number). The afringa team may also post notices on your activity stream to get your attention.

In order to update you on the resilience of our systems (e.g. security, stability, etc.), we may communicate with you and provide updates via direct email, or the internal message system.

From time to time, you will receive information from our team, informing you about events such as:

  1. 1. When you first sign up on afringa, we will send you information regarding afringa and how to make best use of it.
  2. 2. When other afringa users send you a contact request, post, like or comment on the activity stream, or send you private messages, afringa will automatically send you notifications to your email address. The afringa system will send you email notifications, unless you have disabled email notifications in the user settings.
  3. 3. The afringa system/ team may send you information about service disruptions caused e.g. by maintenance of systems.
  4. 4. The afringa team may send you information about how you can make best use of afringa’s functions and the introduction of new features.

As a signed up afringa user, you can change the way the afringa system contacts/ notifies you at any point in time, through your personal user settings/ privacy settings. We appreciate you understanding that you cannot disable important messages from the afringa team, informing you e.g. about newest security updates etc.

6. afringa service improvement

In order to continuously improve the afringa functionality and services, we will analyse the data you have provided on afringa and try to understand how we can make your entire user experience better. This could include e.g. the analysis of system errors encountered by you during your actions on afringa. Collection of data will be aligned with our mission statement to connect Africa across borders.

7. Does afringa share information?

afringa may share information and content you have entered/ shared/ disclosed on the website, with third parties.

Your personal information and information that is not public (e.g. your email address, etc.), won’t be shared with third parties, unless you have specifically agreed, or in case it is required by law.

Public users that are not signed up with afringa, can find your user profile through publicly available internet search engines. This means, if a person that has not signed up on afringa, searches for your name on a public search engine, your afringa user profile and picture may appear. Though, detailed information of your profile will only be available after the public user has signed up with afringa. You can disable your public afringa user profile at any point in time, in order to restrict access to your user profile for users that have not signed up on afringa.

Disabling this feature on afringa does not necessarily mean that the information will immediately disappear from publicly available search engine providers. This is, because past information may be saved in the third-party provider’s cache (a potentially older version of afringa).

If you have decided to share any content on afringa or you have connected your afringa account with one of our third-party providers (e.g. Twitter), your content may be available and displayed outside of afringa.

8. Personalized content on afringa

In order to display most relevant content to you and other users, afringa aims to personalize information and functionality. Our target is that afringa has a better understanding of your personal expectations and preferences.

As an example, one of afringa’s functions will display potential new contacts to you that are relevant, based on your existing network and personal preferences, education, etc.

9. Search function

afringa has a built-in search function that allows you to search e.g. for likeminded business people, entrepreneurs, etc. across the website.

Whenever you search for a particular term, afringa aims to provide you with the most relevant search results. In order to provide you with the best and most relevant search results, afringa uses e.g. information from the user profile.

10. Adherance to laws

If it is required by law, legal process or afringa’s User Agreement and/ or Privacy Policy, we may need to disclose your afringa information. This could e.g. include information from your user profile, or your actions on afringa (e.g. status updates, etc.).

If the afringa team has a valid reason to believe that illegal activities or activities that violate this Privacy Policy and/ or User Agreement took place in the past, or are taking place at the moment or may take place in the future, we may as well disclose your information on that particular activity, to support law enforcement agencies in order to stop respective activities.

We may also disclose your information in order to maintain integrity and security of afringa’s services and understand and defend afringa from third-party claims and/or allegations.

In case it is required by law to disclose your afringa information, we will contact you, unless it is an emergency, forbidden by law, or not appropriate by our professional judgment.

Although, you can see the afringa website in the country you live, the information on afringa (your personal information) may be processed outside of your country.

11. Personal decision and responsibility

11.1. Modifying/deleting your information and/or account

You may edit/ delete your personal data (e.g. user profile, user settings, etc.) on afringa. If you decide that you no longer want to be a member of afringa, please send us a message and we will help you to delete your account. (Please click here to contact us.).

Please understand that information you have shared with other afringa users (e.g. sent messages on afringa through internal message system, updates, etc.), or information that other afringa users may have copied, may remain accessible/ visible on afringa after your account has been deleted. In case afringa users may have taken your information out of afringa to an external source, you may not be able to delete, modify or access this data as it may not be in afringa’s control.

After your account has been deleted, internet search engines may continue to display old search results (cached data) of your public afringa profile for the name you have used on afringa, unless this option has been disabled by you.

Please let us know in case you have any additional questions.

11.2. Retention of your information

As long as you are a signed up user on afringa, and as long as required by law, we keep your personal account information. In order to enforce this Privacy Policy, comply with the law, meet regulations, avoid illegal activities and resolve disputes, we may keep specific information, even after your account has been closed.

In order to provide you with the best support service/ problem resolution, we may keep your information that is related to the support we have provided or are providing at that time. Your support information will help us to improve support services and analyse support/ issue trends and reporting.

12. Further information

12.1. afringa age requirements

The minimum age requirement to sign up for an account with afringa is 18 years at the day of initial sign up.

12.2. Regular changes to afringa's Privacy Policy

In order to stay up to date with privacy issues, afringa will update this policy on a regular basis. Whenever, this policy will be updated, we will inform you either via email or afringa message of crucial updates. Any time we will make an update to this Privacy Policy, please review the contents and let us know if you have any concerns. Should you not agree to afringa’s Privacy Policy, please discontinue to use afringa and let us know if you would prefer to delete your account (Please click here to contact us.).

By continuing to use afringa’s services after an update of the Privacy Policy has been published, you are agreeable with the Privacy Policy or any changes that have been made to it.

This Privacy Policy applies to your information on afringa, unless stated differently.

13. afringa Security

13.1. Security

afringa utilises HTTPS technology to make your browsing experience secure. We are making every effort to make afringa as secure as possible.

Unfortunately, we acknowledge that in the real world there is no such thing as 100% security on the internet. We are aware about this fact and therefore we cannot guarantee that any information you have transmitted to afringa will always be secure. As a result, we cannot ensure that your information may not be accessed, published, changed, deleted in case of unlawful access to our or our internet hosting provider’s physical assets, our website or any other protection mechanisms.

We trust that you will play your part in making afringa as safe as possible, by e.g. choosing a secure password, containing of letters, numbers and symbols, with at least 6 characters.

afringa protects your data with a password. We suggest you never share your account details with anyone else and change your password every 90 days.

Contact afringa

Please do not hesitate to contact the afringa team if you have any further questions. (Please click here to contact us.)

Cookie policy

Last updated: 5th October 2016

In order to provide you with an advanced online experience, afringa utilizes cookies. However, we want you to understand WHY, HOW, and WHEN we use cookies by providing more detailed information in below paragraphs.

WHAT is a cookie?

Cookies are little text files that are automatically downloaded by your browser and placed on your device while you access our website www.afringa.com. Cookies allow the afringa website to be displayed to you in good performance and to give you the best online experience. Cookies also enable the afringa site to identify and recognize the device you are accessing the afringa site from and enhance access security features. Further, cookies allow the site to recognize whether someone is trying to access your account from a different device.

There are different types of cookies: Permanent cookies or session-based cookies. Your internet browser will keep permanent cookies after one browsing session for the next session. Session cookies are deleted after you close your browser.

WHY does Afringa use cookies?

afringa uses cookies in order to remember your preferences (e.g. your preferred location and/or language settings) once the system has recognized that you return. Cookies also allow afringa to be more secure, finish loading of the website more quickly and provide you with a personalized look and feel on the site. This also means, you don’t have to log in every time again when you visit afringa.

Once you access afringa in your internet browser through www.afringa.com, your browser will receive afringa’s cookies.

How can you manage cookies?

We respect your privacy. Therefore, if you don’t want afringa to use cookies when you visit and explore afringa, you can change your device’s specific internet browser settings at any time, to accept, reject or disable cookies.

To save your choices, go to the help section of your browser or click the link below and follow the instructions.

  1. - Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences
  2. - Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies
  3. - Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en
  4. - Safari: https://support.apple.com/kb/ph19214?locale=en_US
  5. - Opera: http://www.opera.com/help/tutorials/security/privacy/

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