Job Description

Role: Teaching Specialist
We are looking for a skilled and highly motivated individual to lead the development of teaching materials for an integrated hardware/software platform which teaches young people in Zambia the fundamentals of building a decentralised renewable energy supply. You will be working in a small team to deliver an innovative product which has the potential to make renewable electricity accessible to millions of people.

- A passion for education
- Bachelor degree in physics, engineering or related field.
- Experience teaching in a low resources rural setting, without reliable electricity.
- Experience teaching electronics up to A-level or beyond.
- A teaching qualification along with recent teaching experience.
- Willing to complete a background check
- Demonstrated capacity to develop innovative teaching programmes
- Experience in planning for and implementing high impact teaching strategies
- Experience evaluating the impact of teaching programs on student learning
- Experience in using data to inform teaching practice and providing feedback to students
- Ability to engage and inspire young aspiring future engineers and scientists
- Command of English, Nyanja and Bemba

Desired skills
- Experience using Microsoft Office and Google Suit
- Experience with electronic circuits
- Excellent problem solving and communication skills
- Hands on experience with electronics testing equipment (scope, DMM, sig-gen, PSU)


- Leading the development of a curriculum teaching people how to design, build and maintain household electricity supplies
- Working closely with a designer, electronic engineer and software engineer to create digital and physical teaching materials
- Collaborating with a designer to create human centred design study
- Bringing insight into the broader context of education in Zambia
- Representing the views of teachers in design studies
- Supporting the development of a detailed product specifications for hardware and software platforms
- Supporting development of an educational feature phone application teaching people how to build an electricity supply
- Managing student learning through an online learning platform
- Translation
- Evaluating student data and teaching impact
- Fieldwork in rural areas investigating the impact of our programs

Certifications and/or Licences

Not required


To be discussed

Job Details

Date Posted:

29 January 2020

Employment Type:

Full-time contract

Job Function:

Education, Curriculum and Teaching

Required Education:

Bachelor or equivalent

Required Languages:

Bemba, English, Nyanja

Work Experience:

No experience






Lusaka, Zambia,
Lusaka, Zambia,



We Support The Next Generation Of Energy Innovators In Africa

We believe the best way for students to learn this is to build an electricity which they can use in their daily lives and provides them with useful electricity. This not only engages students but it also contributes to improving access to electricity.

Once students have engaged with the Le1, we will show them how they can use local resources to build it and support them to create completely new ways of generating, converting and storing electricity.

We will be running these classes with students from across the country but will be offering scholarships to women as well as those from rural areas.

Once students have completed our course they will have the skills to build electricity supplies tailored to their community’s specific needs, reducing cost and increasing its reliability.

Meet the Le1
The Le1 is an educational kit which supports you in building your understanding of electricity and electronics, giving you all of the tools you need to apply your learning to the problem of access to electricity.

Through the Le1 you can join a growing community of educators and learners who want to create new ways of generating electricity.

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