Job Description

We are looking for a full-time remote React Developer, who can identify with our mindset and has several skills in this field:

* HTML & CSS 3 (3+ years of XP)
* ReactJS (3+ years of XP)
* React Hooks (1+ year of XP) 
* NextJS (1+ year of XP) 
* Unit testing (1+ year of XP) 
* Styled Components, Storybook 
* Ant Design
* GraphQL, Redux, Saga
* Git (3+ years of XP)

Knowledge about NodeJS & NestJS are very appreciated.

We expect you to know how to structure a project for scaling up and to have some knowledge about those topics: 

* Agile development
* TDD (Test Driven Development) 
* KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
* DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) 
* Code Responsibly 


Ideal profile:
*You don't take decisions based on your emotions but based on facts and what is needed by the project.
*You think about the architecture of the feature you have to implement before writing any line of code. You want to make sure you have all the required information and that you come up with the best implementation based on the constraints.
*You are a team player and you're happy to participate in code reviews.
*You solve problems on your own but you keep the team updated on your progress. You communicate on what you're doing throughout the day.
*You keep yourself updated on the technologies you're using.

*Going the extra mile

Required Skills

Job Details

Date Posted:

1 September 2021

Employment Type:

Full-time contract

Job Function:

Information and Communications Technology

Required Education:

Primary school

Required Languages:


Work Experience:

3 years


Information Technology

Salary Range:
per month

Min: 1500.00 - Max: 2000.00

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