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We wish to invite you all to our ongoing paid global handwriting data collection project which shall take place from this month (May to June). We are collecting handwriting data from the following languages and nationals:  Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean (All language variants and African nationals in French-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries like Rwanda, Mozambique, Angola, DRC etc accepted). 

For this project, we will be collecting phone images of different types of handwritten documents, which shall be taken through the mobile phone camera and submitted to our shared Google Folders. We need documents with handwritten text, ranging from shopping lists, medical forms, school notes, diaries, journals, contracts, wills etc. You shall collect handwriting samples of documents (through phone camera) that will be used to train our client's OCR engines to detect characters and handwriting. We need to collect 60,000 document images per language from different people across the seven languages.

Payment: $120 for 600 valid document images submitted, paid at the end of the month, through Paypal for all valid submitted images.

Basic data requirements:

Acceptable photo format is JPEG (.jpg) and the resolution should be at least 1024*768 and 5MP size
Unlimited Submissions - You can submit as many handwritten document images as you can, so long as they bear different handwritings
Clear and legible handwriting.
Non-blurry images - We only accept CLEAR images of handwritten documents for payment.
Minimum of 3 lines or 3 filled blanks in each document (and 10 words)
No personal details eg names, phone numbers, tax numbers that should be submitted. Kindly blur or block these as you take the photos.
No documents with mathematical formulas
Documents need to belong to the relevant categories.
Do not submit too many documents of one category bearing one handwriting - We need DIVERSITY of handwriting - reach out to as many people from different backgrounds as you can to share the handwritten documents with you.
DIVERSITY of document formats and diversity of handwritings.
We also require that the document images be taken in a variety of lighting conditions eg natural light, room lighting, phone flash etc.
Valid Paypal Email address.


Assembling various types of handwritten documents according to the various categories, from various sources
Collecting handwritten documents of diverse handwritings - not just the same handwriting
Taking clear phone camera images of handwritten documents - No blurred images shall be accepted
Submitting the images to shared folders
Accessing client portal to access work reports to calculate payments and get client quality feedback

Job Details

Date Posted:

20 May 2020

Job Expires on:

1 June 2020

Employment Type:

Freelance contract

Job Function:

Information Services, Statistics, Records, Archives

Required Education:

High/Secondary School

Required Languages:

French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Work Experience:

No experience


Information Technology

Salary Range:
per day

Min: 12.00 - Max: 30.00







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