Job Description

At afringa you will have challenging tasks from the very beginning, which helps to develop the afringa project. During your time at afringa you will work most of the time independently. You will also work directly with the managing directors and with the CTO. Your work is not only limited to the field of data analytics, but you can also gain insights from the fields of organization, marketing, and strategy.
Our aim is that you will learn as much as possible in an innovative startup environment. In addition, we want to enable you to get important hard and soft skills which will help you to reach your future goals.


• You will support the managing directors and CTO with conducting self-driven projects
• You will take over responsibilities from the 1st day of work
• You will help to optimize the afringa job-portal
• You will analyze Big Data and solve related issues
• You will contribute to afringa’s steady growth

Certifications and/or Licences



• You will work in an international environment with colleagues from 7 different countries across Africa and Europe
• You will have a steep learning curve thanks to steady feedback and strategy meetings
• You will experience a productive and friendly working environment with colleagues who are always willing to help you
• You will have the option to schedule your time and tasks in the way you can solve them the best

Job Details

Date Posted:

15 September 2020

Employment Type:

Full-time contract

Job Function:

Information and Communications Technology

Required Education:

High/Secondary School

Required Languages:


Work Experience:

No experience






Nairobi, Kenya,



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Employment Company

afringa strives to make the African continent a great place for business by establishing the first African online business and career lifecycle platform that addresses local challenges through technology.

afringa aims to improve the African business landscape by establishing a transparent online platform with high authenticity for African and foreign companies as well as individual African professionals.

Our vision with afringa is to empower African students, professionals, and start-up entrepreneurs to improve their careers and understand the job market’s requirements. We also encourage them to build their own Africa-wide professional network and increase the visibility and exposure of their career profiles across African borders. We want you to find or create the job that you love.

We want to unite African countries and make it easier for you to connect with African companies and inside and outside of your country. Soon, you can find internships, jobs and temporary work on afringa for your country and also anywhere else in Africa!

Please let us know via the contact button, if you have any questions or feedback!

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