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Introduce the real you

Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters, Motivation Letters don´t tell the real story of your personality, attitude and character. Now, you can give companies an impression of the “real you”. Showcase your unique personality, enthusiasm and communication skills.

With afringa, you can apply for a job with a video – introducing yourself and your unique skills. In a second video you demonstrate your problem-solving skills and any other applicable criteria.

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How does afringa work for Job Seekers?


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Find job opportunities in more than 40 African countries and start the application process.

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Record two videos

No more formal motivation letters – it’s the digital age after all. Record a "cover video" followed by an "application video" of yourself answering a couple of questions. This will allow the company to better understand whether you are a good fit for the job.

Videos are only accessible for companies you applied to.

And you’re all set!

Now, you can instantly see whether a company has shortlisted, rejected or contacted you.

Don´t worry! If you were not the right applicant for the job, we'll provide you with suggestions on how you can improve your job application and have higher chances to get invited to your next interview.

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What are the benefits?

  • afringa is completely free for you. Only the companies will pay for recruiting services.
  • Your personality does not fit on a piece of paper or PDF. Increase your chances to get invited for jobs and introduce yourself to companies with a video.
  • On afringa you don´t have any job application costs. Save costs for travelling, notary public, printing/ paper, postal fees, etc.
  • Companies can find your digital career profile on afringa and invite you to job interviews.
  • Find jobs in more than 40 African countries. If you can´t find the job that you want in your country, check our jobs in other African countries.
  • You can apply directly with your smartphone's selfie camera or your computer's webcam.
  • Find more information on African and multinational companies in your area.

Build your professional network in your city, country and across the African continent. Start today! If you are living in the diaspora, connect back home and find interesting job opportunities.

Build your own professional network across the African continent – in your country and in other African countries. Find new contacts and get in touch with African and foreign companies. Start now by creating your free professional career profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of afringa?

    afringa focuses on social and commercial aspects for the African continent. We aim to simplify the employment process by offering a platform for job seekers and employers to meet across country borders, to build networks, and to understand market requirements.

    Our goal is to eliminate job application costs to empower job seekers, employees, students, professionals, and entrepreneurs to independently build and enhance their careers.

    afringa supports you to find suitable jobs and to understand the job market requirements. We also encourage you to build your own network and increase the visibility and exposure of your career profiles across African borders.

    You can find jobs, internships and temporary work on afringa for your country and other African countries. We want to unite African countries and make it easier for you to connect with professionals and companies inside and outside of your country.
  • What do I need to do to start using afringa?

    All you need to start using afringa is an active email address. This is the only way afringa will ever contact you, i.e. to inform you on updates on your profile.
  • How much does it cost to use afringa?

    It is free to register and access afringa services for job seekers. Only companies will pay for afringa’s recruiting services. There are absolutely no costs to sign up and use afringa, at all.
  • What happens when I sign up on afringa?

    After signing up on afringa, you will automatically receive a confirmation email with a link. Once you click on the link, you will be able to activate and set up your personal account on afringa. Using your smartphone or computer, you can then enter your personal information and this way create your professional afringa profile. Now you’re ready to find the career you will love!

    Please follow these video guides on how to successfully create and update your afringa career profile:

    Create an afringa account (Smartphone, Computer)

    Update your afringa career profile on (Smartphone, Computer)
  • Does afringa connect me with different job opportunities?

    On afringa you can find job opportunities in many African countries and in diverse industries. You can apply to every job offer that matches your criteria for a perfect job. Simply follow the instructions to update your afringa career profile, upload your cover video and your application video. Then wait for the companies to reply via afringa.
  • Which part of Africa does afringa operate in?

    afringa is currently active in more than 40 African countries. For the moment we only support English language, but we are currently working on a French version of afringa, too.
  • Can I have a job/internship with afringa?

    You can find our job opportunities here
  • As a new afringa user, does afringa guarantee the privacy of my personal information used on the afringa platform?

    At afringa, your personal information is highly secured on European servers. However, in order to ensure your personal information is secure, you are highly encouraged to use a strong password that contains numbers, a mix of capital and lower capital letters and signs. Your video job application is only accessible to the employing person within the company.
  • Will you provide me with recommendations for further education?

    Yes, soon you will receive automated recommendations based on your existing qualifications, your current location and preferences. Recommendations will consist of opportunities for further education at your location or online courses.

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