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ZESCO Limited was formed in 1970 after the Zambia Electricity Supply Act was passed in Parliament. This Act brought together the electricity undertakings that were previously managed by the local authorities. The Corporation traces its origins to 1906 when a small thermal station was established in Livingstone to serve a small section of the town. In 1994, the name of Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Limited was changed to ZESCO Limited. This was to reflect the recommitment to providing a high quality of customer service. Shareholding The Government of the Republic of Zambia is the sole shareholder of ZESCO Limited. The Permanent Secretaries of the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, and the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development represent the Government on the Board. ZESCO is committed to providing safe and reliable electricity to improve the quality of life for all. ZESCO Limited is a vertically integrated electricity utility, which generates, transmits, distributes and supplies electricity in Zambia. It is a public utility, with the Government of the Republic of Zambia being a sole shareholder. ZESCO’s value system is given in the mission, vision and value statement Mission: Making it easy for people to live a better life. Vision: To be the hub for electricity trading in the region by 2025 Values: Love: We care and support one another, as well as our customers. We endeavor to understand, respect and support each other. Integrity: We uphold fairness and truthfulness in our actions. We conduct ourselves with honesty, accountability and in an ethical manner in all our dealings. We work and live in a corruption free environment. Commitment: We are passionate about what we exist to do for one another and for our customers. We are driven by our organization’s shared truth – to make it easy for people to live a better life. Open to new ideas: We are open to new and/or different ideas with deliberateness and spontaneity. We are receptive to new ways of thinking to improve ZESCO's operations and ourselves. We welcome, recognize and support progressiveness We foster learning and growth.

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