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YGEM is the first youth-led social enterprise startup, committed to achieving SDG 5: Gender Equality with the use of digital technologies. YGEM aims at challenging and changing gender stereotypes and negative mentality limiting the advancement of women/girls in the society. Our goal is to achieve gender equality in every part of the world and we work towards this goal by implementing creative programs, campaign and a mobile game. We are focused on promoting gender equality, redefining women identity, empowering women/girls in the society, raising awareness against sex trafficking and building a new generation of an equal world by engaging children to practice equality and embrace humanity regardless of gender. At YGEM, we believe everybody regardless of gender is talented because everybody who is human has something to express to the world, therefore our vision is to embrace equality for all humanity.

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Online Database, Seminar & Workshop, Campaign and Mobile game

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10-50 Employees




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Ayobami Abiodun
Founder/CEO at YGEM

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