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We Support The Next Generation Of Energy Innovators In Africa We believe the best way for students to learn this is to build an electricity which they can use in their daily lives and provides them with useful electricity. This not only engages students but it also contributes to improving access to electricity. Once students have engaged with the Le1, we will show them how they can use local resources to build it and support them to create completely new ways of generating, converting and storing electricity. We will be running these classes with students from across the country but will be offering scholarships to women as well as those from rural areas. Once students have completed our course they will have the skills to build electricity supplies tailored to their community’s specific needs, reducing cost and increasing its reliability. Meet the Le1 The Le1 is an educational kit which supports you in building your understanding of electricity and electronics, giving you all of the tools you need to apply your learning to the problem of access to electricity. Through the Le1 you can join a growing community of educators and learners who want to create new ways of generating electricity.

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Electrical education for students and hardware for rural African towns

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Lusaka, Zambia


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Samson Sahmland-Bowling

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