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Telecel Zimbabwe is a large mobile phone network in Zimbabwe, with more than 1 750 000 active subscribers. Telecel Zimbabwe is committed to providing its customers with high-tech mobile phone products and services at an affordable cost. It has put in place infrastructure to support an array of innovative value added services and invested substantial time and money refining its products and services to ensure they meet the diverse communication needs of the Zimbabwean market and of the highest international standard. It is also in the process of expanding its network capacity by installing high capacity base stations in new places where previously there was no network coverage, particularly in the rural areas or where it was unsatisfactory. Our Vision Our goal is to become the most innovative and pioneering communications company of choice in Zimbabwe and the region that can inspire us to impact positive change and shape the way people live and connect with the acknowledgement that customer experience makes the difference Our Mission We aim to establish the most customer centric communications business in the region with unmatched and superior quality. To achieve this we will: -Deliver and maintain a high level of customer service efficiently and cost effectively. -Leapfrog the company into a new realm defined by an increase in share of value, service differentiation and innovation. -Create and establish an effective and efficient organization geared to deliver world class service that meets and exceeds customer expectations -Unlock value to enable us to deliver to our shareholders a satisfactory return on their investment to ensure their continued support of the business

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Mobile phone network

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