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There’s Something About Us ripplemark (small ‘r’ reflects our humble underdog origins) is a digital marketing agency in Egypt that thrives on learning. You will, more often than not, find our noses stuck in the latest SEO research paper or or reading the latest research in growth hacking & content marketing. Since 2015, we’ve been hard at work growing our agency by creating tailored services that put our clients in a state of comfort over their marketing. In an industry that changes miles per minute, we’ve become pros at embracing constant change by being data centric, consumer journey driven, and integrated digital marketers. Why Become the regional leader in digital transformation services and employer of choice for growth mindsets. How By taking care of our people and their wellbeing, providing an integrated, data centric approach to digital marketing, and ensuring equal access to knowledge & digital transformation in Egypt & the region. What Create strategies that stand the test of execution, manage our clients’ digital channels & assets, and provide them with the intellectual tools to navigate the digital transformation revolution.

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Digital transformation services

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100-250 Employees


Information Technology


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