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Mission Statement The mission of the Ministry of Health is to provide and continually improve affordable promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services of the highest quality, thereby contributing to the reduction of poverty and enhancing the general well-being of the population. Objectives In a bid to achieve its mission, the overall objective of the health sector in the recently updated Health Sector Strategic Plan IV (2018 to 2024) is to ensure universal accessibility (geographical and financial) of equitable and affordable quality health services (preventative, curative, rehabilitative and promotional services) for all Rwandans. This Overall Objective will be attained through four Strategic Objectives: Full implementation of the main health programs (improve demand, access and quality) Strengthen the health systems building blocks (strengthen policies, resources and management) Strengthen all levels of service delivery (organize the services effectively at all levels, referrals) Ensure effective governance of the sector (strengthen decentralization, partnership, private sector coordination, aid effectiveness, and financial management)

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