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Laterite is a data, research and technical advisory firm that helps clients understand and analyse complex development challenges. We define ourselves by our ability to embrace and deploy innovative research technologies and methodologies. We use an anti-disciplinary approach, borrowing methods not only from econometrics but other fields as well. Incorporating these latest innovations in our project work and introducing them to our clients motivates us. We strive to play an active role in transforming development research, to make it more rigorous and impactful. We believe that impact is a long-term endeavour that requires being embedded in the local context. It requires building a local team, collecting high-quality primary data, understanding the context, establishing close working relationships with key players and understanding their constraints and motivations. As a result, we only conduct research where we have a local presence.

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Behavioural research/games Qualitative data collection Electronic data collection Programming research instruments Data processing and cleaning SMS-based data collection

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