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Who we are Having been recognised by Zain Touching Lives and MTN Heroes of Change, social entrepreneurs Emmanuel Quartey and Naa Borkor Quartey founded the Jaynii Streetwise Organisation - a community not-for-profit, charity and non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Ghana with Registrar General’s registration number G-23,946 and Department of Social Development number DSD 5287 which has its aim of improving the lives of children and youth. Born and bred in a densely populated poor, marginalized and deprived Jamestown, and operating a beach bar, Emmanuel (Nii) knows the terrain. Naa Borkor (Jay) an orphan herself realized that most children wander aimlessly at the beachfront and in the community when they should be discovering their talents in school. Upon questioning these children and making follow-ups to their communities, JayNii learnt that these bright youngsters only need help. As such, social entrepreneurs and environmental warriors Jay and Nii single-handedly started the JayNii Project to support people in need especially our future leaders. JayNii educates and provides skills to needy children, incapacitated parents, drop-out youth and people who need skills in social enterprises to eventually support not only themselves but their family. The couple also organize programmes to strengthen the minds and abilities of youngsters – Best Brain, Arts & Culture, Sports, Healthy Talks etc Jaynii Streetwise is borne out of the Jaynii Cultural Troupe, an African music and dance performing group founded by professional musician Nii and assisted by intrinsic Choreographer Jay in 1997 in Jamestown, Accra, which perform at countless functions locally and internationally and use part of the proceeds to fund the care of these children. On a daily basis, JayNii help beneficiaries with their homework, feed and offer them sports, drumming and dance lessons as their recreation. Where we operate Jamestown is a fisher-folk area on the outskirt of Accra. A densely populated poor, marginalized and deprived community with low rate of literacy and income generating activity

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Naa Borkor
Naa Borkor Quartey
Co-founder/Coordinator at JayNii Foundation

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