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HELUKABEL GmbH Germany is a worldwide leader in Low- and Medium voltage electrical cables, wires and all cables accessories. Our company was founded 1978, and in 2017, we achieved a turnover of EUR 500 Mio, with around 1.250 employees worldwide. Our comprehensive product portfolio of over. 33.000 products enhances: - Industrial Cables & Wires for all industry sectors, applications and nearly every purpose (flexible control cables, data cables, heat resistant cables, halogen-free cables, motor and servo cables, all-weather and rubber cables,…) - Infrastructures Cables & Wires (power cables 0,6/1kV, medium voltage up to 36kV, fire-warning cables, security cables,….) - Data, Network and Bus Technology (optical fiber, network system cabinets, active components, bus-lines,.…) - Custom cables (single conductors, Photovoltaic cables, Wind Turbines cables, Airport cables,….) - Cable Accessories (cable glands, cable protection tubes, cable drag chains, termination and connection sleeves, cable lugs, identification and cable marking, industrial cable connectors,….) Our Logistic center in Hemmingen (Stuttgart area, Germany) is Europe’s largest and most modern distribution center for cables and wires (the majority of the 33.000 products we offer are stocked in our 160.000m² warehouse). In our production centers, we can produce cables and wires from 0,05 to 1.000mm, according to all international standards (UL-CSA, VDE, HAR,…). Our comprehensive website can give you more information about our solutions: Overview of our products: http://www.helukabel.com/en/products/products-overview.html You can see out industries under: http://www.helukabel.com/en/industries/industries-overview.html Our download center (catalogues, brochures…): http://www.helukabel.com/en/services/download-centre/download-center-home.html Here you can download our newest catalogue: http://www.helukabel.com/publication/de/catalogues/cw/cw_catalogue_cables_and_wires_a4_en.pdf Shall you have any needs for cables, wires or other accessories, don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

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Electrical Cables, Wires and Accessories

Registration Number : HRB 201352
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500+ Employees







Dieselstr. 8-12, D-71282 Hemmingen, Germany





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Laurent Gimenez


Laurent Gimenez
Africa Business Development Manager at Helukabel GmbH

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