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FROM MEDICINE TO TEXTILES Leadership in Germany and Europe – something to be proud of. We were the first ones to establish washable, professional and highly efficient cooling textiles in the market. It all started with an idea in the field of medicine. But quickly the unique cooling concept has gained ground in other fields of application, such as occupational H&S, sports and leisure and even in animal care. In the meantime, not only leading enterprises protect their staff from heat stress, but also national sports teams and world champions benefit from more concentration and performance. Our technologies have been awarded various prizes such as the recognition by the Berufsgenossenschaft für Handel & Distribution (professional association for trade and logistics), the Excellence Award and the „Germany – Land of Ideas“ Prize awarded by the Federal President. But we want more! For us, highest quality and excellent service go hand in hand with sustainability and environmental protection. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to the ideas of the Senat der Wirtschaft (Senate of Economy) and to the principles of the UN Global Compact. Additionally, we have had our company and products analyzed in order to have pervormance international and the E.COOLINE collection climate neutral.

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William Mbanga
International Business Development Consultant at E-Cooline

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