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Company Snapshot Initially the company used import ceramic tiles from abroad which was familiar at that time. But the size of imports was growing fast which was affecting the country investments and this leads to a decision from the company to minimize the size of importations and support the Egyptian product, and from this point the Egyptian Group for Manufacturing Investments EGMI was created. The group is divided into several factories including “Ceramica Prima” company, Fritage Factory, and working now on finalizing our carton factory, and also a colors factory. When establishing Ceramica Prima Company and creating the factory it turns out that we need to support the Egyptian market with the Fritage because it is one of the most important and efficient ingredients that enters in the stage of production of ceramic tiles and creates its insulating material. And from here the idea of creating a series of factories to support the production of ceramics began where we started by the Fritage company but we didn’t stop there. Ceramica Prima factory is located in the fifth industrial district at El Sadat city on the Cairo-Alexandria desert highway. This location was chosen in this spot in particular for many reasons, the first one is that we have a strong believe and faith in reconstruction of the homeland and the creation of new cities for the civilians to profit from them in working and living and the development of the society, and also for environmental reasons since the factory shouldn’t be surrounded by residential gathering because they are full of raw materials and furnaces. The History Of Foundation The cornerstone to build Ceramica Prima Factory was placed in April 1995 and the construction work started in May 1996, as for the small fieldwork it started in August 1997. And the company first products were made on the same year. The production started in Ceramica Prima Factory in a limited way confined on small sizes and certain types only. As our interest is to please all the different tastes, we worked hardly to expand in creating new forms and sizes and models, in where we are now producing “walls – floors – Décor – Zocalo – Crystal” and we also create different sizes which suit all tastes in addition to the availability of making it punched and visible.

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Glass, ceramics & cement

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500+ Employees




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Ola Ahmed
Procurement Manager at Ceramica Prima

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