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Cardno’s nearly 50 years of international development field work have yielded measureable impact and sustainable results across an exceptionally broad portfolio of countries of operation and donors. Through the expertise of professionals operating in more than 85 countries, we investigate the causes of poverty and focus on improving the physical, economic and social infrastructure that sustains communities. More than 6,500 staff work in more than 250 offices on projects in 85 countries throughout the world. With a global perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals, Cardno has led, designed, trained and collaborated on projects throughout the developing world through our ongoing partnerships with governments, multilateral organizations and private corporations. We specialize in facilitating effective collaboration among diverse stakeholders and engaging the private sector. Cardno partners with clients, such as USAID, MCC, DFAT, the EU and DFID and the Global Fund, among other donors. We have offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Belgium, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea. Our practice areas include: health, governance, post-conflict management, economic growth, public finance management, infrastructure and environment, transportation, social and environmental impact management, and education. Across these areas, our work also integrates gender, inclusiveness, youth and strategic communications. We specialize in critical development issues. We have expertise in the following practice areas, under which our work also integrates gender, inclusiveness, youth and strategic communications. Cardno’s team includes leading professionals who plan, design, manage and deliver sustainable projects and community programs. The diverse skills and experience of Cardno’s global team allow us to offer integrated services in worldwide markets. We are truly global. With full-service offices in Australia, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, we are poised to assess and manage assignments swiftly and respond to clients’ needs without delay and with a clear understanding of local country context. Our staff is multicultural. Our staff members hail from 28 countries on five continents. We speak 40 languages, and most of us are global citizens comfortable wherever we work. Our clients and partners are assured we are respectful of the people and customs wherever we work and are often returning to familiar places—often a place they call home. Our Clients We provide consulting services to international development agencies, multinational organizations, socially responsible multinational corporations, national and local governments, rural communities in developing countries, and transition economies.

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