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Africa Private Equity Market was founded by Trust Gadzikwa in 2017 as the digital extension of Giant Africa Hub (Private) Limited. We believe that there is a Global Financial wave landing on the continent of Africa and a spirit of investment that will change world’s investment perception about the continent. The growth element has elevated it to be one of the most attractive investment destinations on the globe. In this perceptional transition, most world’s financial power houses are gunning for the entrance into Sub- Sahara Africa and North Africa while the cost of getting in is low. The continent is endowed with substantial minerals, youngest growing population in the world, untapped investment opportunities, upcoming innovative start ups and positive economic structural policy initiatives that favor business. As the continent is emerging from the dark cloud into world’s spot light, access and entrance into the continent has remained a challenge hindering fluent flow of Foreign Direct Investments and Private Equity resources . Africa Private Equity Market has emerged as the Digital fintech redefining connectivity and cutting through geographic barriers facilitating the change that the continent require.

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Fintech - Online Markeplace

Registration Number : 2180/2015
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1-10 Employees


Financial Services





185 Killarney Heights Fife Avenue Avenues Harare





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Trust Gadzikwa


Trust Gadzikwa
Private Equity Entrepreneur at Africa Private Equity Market

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